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The swim team store company that’s fixing swim team stores

We created SwimTeam Outfitter to be different from the other swimming store brands. Unlike the other brands that underservice and overcharge, we make a high-quality team store that’s made by real swimmers, coaches, and parents for real swimmers, coaches and parents.



Evolved Model

We are a robust e-commerce and service driven website built to make the buying and supply process simple for teams, athletes, coaches and parentsBy selling directly to you online, we’re able to shave away excess and offer the high-quality products you have come to expect at a price every team can get behind.


Quality Control

We care deeply about the quality of our service and products.
Our team of expert designers, account managers, athletes and
coaches stand strong and focused on your victory, because
failure is not an option.



Strategic Partnerships

By having an exclusive partnership with Authorized Dealers of the brands you trust together with suppliers, manufacturers and print shops, we are able to ensure the absolute best pricing and quality by integrating the entire process from the time you order to delivery on your doorstep. That means we can continually innovate to make your custom swim team gear experience even better.


Winning Starts Here

At SwimTeam Outfitter we understand that all athletes are driven to win, whether it be to stand on the podium or to achieve their personal best, the end goal is always a win. We understand because we have the same urge.

Through a continuous pursuit to team with coaches and athletic directors for inspiration we consistently provide a service that match and exceed their expectations.

To us this is a win. And with over 30 years of practice both in and out of the pool, we’ve established a cadence between our athletes and our products.

To us this is our way to stand with you on the podium.