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Welcome to the official flash store for Hillcrest High School Swimming, streamlined to ensure nothing slows you down during competition or practice. Caps and swim suits are approved by Coach Ryan Thierbach for the 2017-18 season.

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All you need to get swimming with Hillcrest – in one tidy box.

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These 6 SwimTeam Outfitter approved brands have used their extensive knowledge of swimwear and swimming to produce some of the fastest and most advanced technical swimwear on the market today. Explore each brand's tech suit selection by clicking on their logo. When you're ready to purchase, contact your Account Manager to order direct from manufacturer with the exclusive discount established between Coach Josh Williamson and our Authorized Retail Partners.


OLYMPUS AQUATICS: 40° 37' 1.8048'' N 111° 51' 59.1192'' W
HEAD COACH: Ryan Thierbach
APPROVED SEASONS: High School 2017-18 // UHSAA
APPROVED GROUPS: Varsity, JV and Sophomore
EXECUTIVE ACCOUNT MANAGER: Chad Reimschussel // Phone: (801) 472-0922 // Email: chad@swimteamoutfitter.com